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Company Information

Terrace Africa is a property development company active in Sub-Saharan Africa.  We were established in 2011, initially as a platform to provide real estate advisory assistance to companies and investment funds.  We soon realized the potential and undertook a strategy to build our own development portfolio.

“Focus on convenience retail”

Over the years we have built up a strong pipeline of projects with a focus towards convenience retail. We are currently active in Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. We source new projects, acquire land and act as development managers for our funding clients. We have strong relationships with retailers who trust us to deliver projects on time and to international standards. Our aim is to continue our focus on the acquisition, investment and development of retail opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa with a goal of ensuring a well-diversified portfolio for our clients.

“We are a young team who are passionate about travel and investment on the African continent”


We are experienced in doing business in Africa with a solid network of real estate professionals

We have strong relationships with Tenants and Local property players

We have successfully raised capital to develop real estate projects in Africa

We are passionate about Africa and have a proven track record of land acquisition and delivery

We are nimble and flexible with travel and can mobilize ourselves quickly and effectively in order to get a deal done

African Enthusiasm

Terrace Africa - We love Africa's diversity
Diversity of culture, landscape, language and flavour. The African continent is made up of 54 individual countries each with its own unique nuances and business culture. Every day and every deal is different, being flexible and open to the influence of local culture is an important part of business in Africa.
Terrace Africa - We love Africa's positivity!
“GDP at 5%, abundant natural resources, improving political stability and a youthful population equates to African opportunity“

The continent as a whole has a growth rate in excess of 7%, the population is growing and changing.

Terrace Africa - We love Africa's opportunity!
Retail opportunities in almost every capital city and secondary town in Sub-saharan Africa.

Urbanisation is a key driver of the opportunity we see.

Key Staff